Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Mile Down the River

Last night I had the pleasure of walking around another campus of my school about a mile down the river from the arts and humanities campus.
This other campus includes the following: two freshman dorms, one major party dorm, one 'jock' dorm, and the campus recreation center.

Anyways, on my expedition I noticed a clan of girls in booty shorts. I think i saw a total of 8 butt cheeks all at once. I also saw three boys walking behind them – also in shorts. It was a warm night, so I guess there's nothing exactly wrong with shorts, however...short shorts/sport shorts and Timberlands together?

(After taking this picture I was referred to as some very inappropriate names which I will not repeat for the sake of simple manners.)

(This is Bobby. He doesn't really < 3 short shorts in Feb.)

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