Wednesday, May 6, 2009

dee em bee. crash into me. blah.

I Google-imaged "Dave Matthews Fans". I really don't need to explain why, I'm sure you can figure that out for yourselves.

This is what I found:

These biddies drink margaritas out of Solo cups. Woohoo!
Oh PS - does she know her bra is hanging out?

These girls made SURE they got their fair share of tanning bed UV rays in weeks before the show.

Looking incredibly sharp in this Ralph Lauren Polo, this boy hopes to impress Dave after the show.

The girl in the pink to the right of him just found out they probably won't get to meet DM.
So sad.

What the fuck?! I seriously got nothin' for this one.

In conclusion:
My boyfriend wore a Dave Matthews Band t-shirt today.
He's lucky it's not his.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


too much gel + not so naturally curly hair + too much hairspray = CrUnChY hAiR! OMG!

A girl I know from high school who is now in prison had a thing for crunchy curls.

The small group of girls that blew my high school's hockey team had a thing for crunchy curls.

Selena went through a short phase of crunchy curled pony tails.

Crunchy curls are for disgusting snack foods that turn your fingers orange.
Not your hair.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Yesterday I saw a man with a very shiny half sleeve. Obviously freshly done ink. His entire upper arm was done in thick black tribals. I don't really have much to say other than that's gross. But hopefully I didn't even need to tell you that.

Devendra Banhart sporting somewhat acceptable tribals:

Banhart was raised in Venezuela among shanties.
He is allowed to have tribal tattoos.

Here is an example of tribals that suck:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009



This clothing company is for:
But the word Johnny, the creator, forgot in this description of the company's market is "juvenille".

For middle schoolers – it's cool. Fifth graders who are just starting to discover they want to be "indie-rockers" someday will start out here due to accesibility and the fact that at that age brand names still = popularity. Also because shirts are $36, it means the kids had to save up allowance for a long time to get that shirt. Which makes them cool. Obviously. Its equivalent to the Hollister or Abercrombie for the future punkers of America.

For high schoolers – it's dumb. You know those kids who are still wearing Hollister by the time they are seniors LAME. Everyone knows the reason Hollister and A&F's sizes run so small is because their target market is middle schoolers. And by the time you're a senior in high school your wardrobe should be far far past that. Johnny Cupcakes, once again, is the punk equivalent to A&F and Hollister.

And for college students – HA.
Any college kid wearing a t-shirt (that is relatively dumb anyways) for $36 appears to be a money wasting, pompous asshole. Just don't do it.

<-- This is an interesting take on political society.  
I have never considered cupcakes as an alternative to war!! 
Way to be creative, Johnny!!


Monday, March 30, 2009

"The Third Eye" (thank you Dave Martineau)

Dear Liberal Arts University Students,

I have a challenge for you.
On the next sunny day, find an area of high traffic on your college campus, and sit there for just one hour.
Count the number of these "third eye" hats you see.
Then out of that number count how many of the people wearing these hats are also wearing something from The North Face.
Then e-mail me the totals. For real.

Love, Morgan.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

sori-tay tay. t-tay-t-tay-tay. (sorities and taylor zapora)

This is my dear friend Taylor, A.K.A. Tay Tay. She is a student at the University of Rhode Island and a member of the "sororitay-tay", SIGMA DELTA TAU.

Taylor and I met back in 2002 (?...maybe '01?)at summer camp in northern New Hampshire. We fell in love. (I wore a lot of Abercrombie back then...get over it.)

By 2006 we were on staff at this same summer camp together, and in 2007 we were living in close quarters together for 9 weeks straight.
Regardless of my skinny jeans and keds and her ΣΔT tee-shirts, our love continued to grow.

In the summer of '08, our precious time together was taken away from us. Tay Tay left for Nantucket (inevitably we knew she would always end up in such a place...refer back to my Feb. 25th entry) and I was still in hickville teaching small children how to make gimp keychains and jump off of a high-dive.

Here is Tay in Nantucket.
Here am I covered in paint.

I am sure we all have those girls who walk around campus sporting a different article of clothing with their Greek letters on it every single day. Whether it be a tote bag, sweatpants, baby-doll tees, or flip flops, the girls seems to have an entire wardrobe of Greek life apparel and just LOVE to show it off. Tay-tay is one of those girls.

Here are some more photos of Taylor living sorority life at URI:

Here is Tay pretending to be me (, as they call me at camp), and me pretending to be Tay (sororiTay Tay, T-tay tay tay tay, as we call her):

The moral of the story of Morgan and Taylor is this:
Even if you wear skinny jeans and oversized sweaters and listen to bands no one has ever heard of, it is okay to be in love with a sorority girl who loves everyone to know she's in a sorority and likes Dave Matthews...but only one.

PS - This is Taylor's current Facebook status: "ΣΔT & FIJI GREEK WEEK 09!!!!" Yet, I still love her.