Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Here we go...

I wear skinny jeans. I like baggy sweaters, ankle boots, and Ray Bans. I find contemporary art museums extremely entertaining. I am embarrassed to admit I shop at the hipster cliche, American Apparel, and am fascinated by the personal lives of Lindsay Lohan and Mary-Kate Olsen. I hang out with other thrift-store-aholics discussing ideas for a NikeiD high top or the newest album review published on Pitchfork Media.

Walking around my college campus, I can't help but notice the girls who flock together - each one wearing a different font of the word "PINK" across their butts. And of course, each leg of the brightly colored sweats is tucked into an Ugg boot. "Holy Shit. So cute I like want to die." BLAHHHH.

Anyways, these groups of girls, and the boys they hang out with for that matter, do exactly what my own friends do, but on the complete opposite end of the fashion spectrum. We all do it. We're like animals. We stick to our own kind. I mean there is always that one strange rabbit who becomes best friends with the deer, but for the most part we travel in packs with people similar to ourselves.

In the weeks to come I will observe the different aspects of college campus fashion (if you can even call some of the atrocities I have noticed "fashion").

I realize an analysis of "those girls" is extremely stereotypical, childish, and even hypocritical (I happen to own a Vera Bradley change purse. Whatever, it's convenient.) However, these easily mock-able articles of clothing are essential to every college campus. They are the staples that hold the greater population of college campuses together.

PINK butts stick with PINK butts.

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