Monday, February 16, 2009

i don't wear skinny jeans cause my knots don't fit.

The other night I was on a school provided bus heading from one side of the city to the other. There weren't any seats left, so I stood in the front of the bus while a bunch of "ya dudes" sat in the back.
After staring at me for a good 10 minutes, one of the boys asked me if we went to high school together. We began talking about our high school and our mutual acquaintances when he asked if I was a music major.

I immediately turned on my sassy attitude and snapped "Oh, how could you tell? My skinny jeans?"
He froze, completely stunned, and replied "yes."

This experience got me thinking about the stereotypes that go around college campuses concerning skinny jeans. I asked several skinny jean supporters and non skinny jean wearers if they believe there are skinny jean stereotypes at school. Make what you will of it, but here's what they said:

Sean Desmond, a political science major who does not wear skinny jeans says,
"Most people who wear skinny jeans are pretentious music snobs. People who wear skinny jeans find the pants to be cooler and more unique than everyone else's – similar to their tastes in music."
David Martineau agrees with Desmond, even though he himself is a skinny jean wearer and an ex-music major.
"There's definitely a stereotype on college campuses that goes along with wearing skinny jeans: music nerds, and cynical and ignorant intellectuals who emanate sarcasm," says Martineau.

"Hipsters. That's definitely it. They all think they're unique, yet they are just all the same. Skinny jeans, underground dance music, sunglasses they can't see out of, and vintage clothing are all things that hipsters have in common, yet the individual thoughts are that they are being unique," says Brittany Costa, a skinny jean wearing music major.

When asked why he doesn't wear skinny jeans Desmond says straight-faced,
"I enjoy a healthy sperm count as well as fully functioning pockets. Also, if I drop something on the ground I like being able to know I can pick it up without ripping my pants or exposing myself."

Go figure.

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