Wednesday, April 1, 2009



This clothing company is for:
But the word Johnny, the creator, forgot in this description of the company's market is "juvenille".

For middle schoolers – it's cool. Fifth graders who are just starting to discover they want to be "indie-rockers" someday will start out here due to accesibility and the fact that at that age brand names still = popularity. Also because shirts are $36, it means the kids had to save up allowance for a long time to get that shirt. Which makes them cool. Obviously. Its equivalent to the Hollister or Abercrombie for the future punkers of America.

For high schoolers – it's dumb. You know those kids who are still wearing Hollister by the time they are seniors LAME. Everyone knows the reason Hollister and A&F's sizes run so small is because their target market is middle schoolers. And by the time you're a senior in high school your wardrobe should be far far past that. Johnny Cupcakes, once again, is the punk equivalent to A&F and Hollister.

And for college students – HA.
Any college kid wearing a t-shirt (that is relatively dumb anyways) for $36 appears to be a money wasting, pompous asshole. Just don't do it.

<-- This is an interesting take on political society.  
I have never considered cupcakes as an alternative to war!! 
Way to be creative, Johnny!!


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