Wednesday, February 25, 2009

v. bradz 4 lyf

vera bradley reminds me of my grandmother. plain and simple.
THE Dawn Carter.

i get it that our good friend vera is trying to bring herself back with "hip" prints for young biddies across America, but seriously? This is the ultimate grandma company (No offense, Mimz Carter...I know you're probably reading this. You're an exceptionally cool grandmother.)

Check out this quote I found online. It's absolutely a completely vomit inducing kind of way :
"Owning a Vera Bradley automatically puts you in a kinship with anyone else who also owns one. I find myself talking to other Vera Bradley carriers all the time. We talk about the latest patterns and designs, where we got it, and who else we know has what. The next thing we know, we have a new acquaintance, another member of what my friend calls 'The Cult of Vera Bradley.'"

The writer of the article, Bridget Madden, says she owns the following:
"A Java Blue brush and pencil case, which can also double as a clutch if I want it to"
"A New Hope small cosmetic bag, but I use it as a wallet"
"A tote in Bermuda Blue"
Then there's this other chick Madden writes about:
"she had the Citrus, the Nantucket Red, the Nantucket Navy and the Apple Green backpack, wallet, pencil case, cosmetic case and eyeglass case. Only, she could not find her red eyeglass case to go with the red backpack, etc. she was wearing the day I met her, so she said, "I am not taking my glasses off today."
just read the article.

Anyways, I've witnessed "The Cult of Vera Bradley" on my campus, and let me just say it's definitely not as all-inclusive as this article leads one to believe.
As an ashamed owner of a Vera Bradley change purse thingy, (okay, I looked it up for the sake of this blog. Here's it's official name: The Mod Floral Blue Clip Zip ID) I have never once been stopped by a fellow V.Bradz owner to talk about "the latest patterns and designs, where we got it, and who else we know has what."

And I thank God that's the case.

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  1. Don't you own a Vbradz tote that you claim is a laptop bag? im pretty sure you.